What is the BNMC?

The purpose of the Biological Network Modeling Center is to serve as a nexus for computational tools and techniques that support, empower and enable Caltech scientists to do their research.

These tools and methods lie at the interfaces between biology, computation, engineering, chemistry and mathematics, and they are widely applicable to many sub-disciplines  of biology.

Specific aims of the BNMC include:

  • Provide consultants to help with problems in computational modeling and data analysis;
  • Provide essential software-oriented services (including configuration, customization and instruction) to Caltech laboratories;
  • Support a knowledge base of available tools and techniques;
  • Provide forums for the exchange of information about methods and software;
  • Encourage interaction between campus research groups through seminars, super-group lab meetings, workshops, web forums.

Our scientific focus is Computational Morphodynamics. Computational Morphodynamics may be defined as the study of the three-way interaction of physical, informational, and geometrical processes that influence the changing form, shape, and structure of living cells, tissues and organisms.

The BNMC is a resource center of the Beckman Institute at Caltech. The Beckman Institute was dedicated in 1989 with funds from the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation.

Resources for computational morphodynamics are supported by a generous gift to Caltech from Peter Cross.